Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Yesterday, my husband, Chandanesvara prabhu, Krishna Chandra and I went to Dada's house and help clean/move everything out. We woke up early, did our home's puja, cooked, offered and headed to the house. When we arrived, Sudhir Krishna Prabhu was there chanting for Their Lordships and Divya-ratna prabhu was packing the last of his belongings. We were assigned the enlivening task of packing Gurudev's personal items. Yay! However, I didn't realise how much stuff Guru Maharaj had entrusted to the boy's care; there were boxes and boxes of clothing, books, electronics, etc. even GM's sannyasa danda! I was ecstatic to be privileged with packing and organizing all of Gurudev's personal items, even though it took several hours to pack and move it all to our place. ::exhausted sigh:: We inherited a few things from Dada (Divya-ratna prabhu) like clothes, jewelry, a washing machine and a nice watch, so I felt nicely rewarded after all. :) I got a nice silver chain and pendant, it has a beautiful picture of Lord Krishna in it! Dada left for Houston sometime in the late afternoon and Kaku (Sudhir Krishna prabhu) came over to our house for dinner prasadam that evening. My husband cooked dinner because I was too exhausted from clearing out our home closet and nonstop cleaning well into the late afternoon. I still have nothing to show for it though, my bedroom is stacked with boxes of clothes, strollers, luggage, hampers/laundry baskets and toys... lots of baby toys. We did move the washer into our laundry room, though, so that's a plus. I decided to give away or sell whatever I could, mainly Krishna Chandra's baby clothes and paraphernalia and my extraneous stuff. By "extraneous" I mean anything and everything which is not directly necessary for my survival, i.e. clothes that I don't wear or have been "saving for a special occassion", electronic items which are out of use or anything that I've been meaning to "fix up when I get some time" and whatever else I can get rid of. If you need anything and don't feel like paying for it(or want it really cheap), you should probably email me and ask for it, I probably have it-- whatever it is.
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