Monday, February 23, 2009

New Project

It's getting late so I'm gonna make this quick. I haven't finished the dhotis for Gaura-Nitai because I'm being lazy and uninspired. I tried to get to it today but I just ended up organizing and cleaning my work table (which it was in really desperate need of). Instead, I started a new crochet project for Ladhu Gopal, and I realised that crocheting is so much faster than sewing. I guess I just get easily dissuaded. Oh well, at least I finished a new blankie for baby Gopal. It's not really cold anymore so it's not like He needs an extra blankie, but the yarn is so so soft, you know? Gopal has a small bassinet/crib that He sleeps in, and I wanted Him to have a new blankie. Who can resist?
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