Sunday, February 22, 2009

My uneventful day

This morning I made pancakes for Sri Giri-Govardhan; I added blueberries but they didn't cook thoroughly(I sprinkled them on top my normal pancake batter instead of mixing them into the batter because the pancakes don't come out round when I do that). Disappointment #1. I made more pancakes sans blueberries and they turned out great. I was still disappointed but later I realised that maybe Giriraj didn't feel like having blueberry pancakes so, reluctantly, I let it go... I think. I need to buy a new pancake griddle (a nice one) but I am having a hard time hunting down an old-fashioned iron griddle. HG Nitai Chand prabhu (aka HH Nitai Chand Goswami) left for Vancouver today(on his way back to India), he packed early and headed to Dayananda prabhu's house for lunch so I didn't have a chance to take Giriraja's darshan before He left. Disappointment #2. When I arrived Maharaj was already headed out to Dayananda's house, he asked us to take prasada with him but my husband declined and stayed back. We (Krishna Chandra, Maria and I) tagged along and took prasadam at Dayananda prabhu's house but left early because Krishna Chandra started to misbehave. I say "misbehave" but what I really mean is that he was bouncing off the walls like a loaded cartoon character. He was definitely loaded, I think it was all that rice he had. When I was sufficiently exhausted, I decided it was time to get the hell out of there, before he started harassing the other guests. We headed home and he played while I finished my japa. Around 5pm Krishna Chandra started to "bother" me again, this time he wanted to blow off steam at the temple. This is rather unusual because when he wants to go out he asks us to, "get the keys" and "take the car to the park" so he can "play on the 'wee'." "Wee" is Krishna Chandra for slide or swing, but usually it means slide. I've even caught myself saying it whenever we're at the park or around small children. I'm such an ass! Sometimes I wonder if the other mothers secretly laugh at me. Who cares, I guess... right? Anyway, I decided to take a quick walk to the temple for a darshan and maybe stay during the first minutes of the Gaura-arati. It wasn't long after we arrived at the temple that I realised how easily I was led into a trap. Krishna Chandra may be only two years old but he is more clever than anyone I know. He had no intention of participating in the kirtan, he just led me there under that pretense. On our way out, I found Maria and I told her that I'd wait outside for her with Krishna Chandra, but before I knew it he took off across Kalachandji's park towards the playground at the gurukula! Wow, I've been totally duped. After a while my husband showed up, and the three of us, in a co-operative effort, managed to lure the boy out of the park without any war wounds(to speak of).
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