Saturday, March 7, 2009

Annoyed on Ekadashi

Today, as I headed to Dada's(elder brother's) house to fix his computer, I bumped into Govind and made small chit-chat on the sidewalk. As I stood there with Krishna Chandra in arm, a strange white car seemed to follow us along the street until it came to a stop directly behind us, in front of Nityananda Chandra and Krishna Mayi's house. A young, well-groomed boy in a suit hopped out and as strange as he looked I thought, "He must be lost." The kid walked right up to me and started to preach to me about some literature he would like me to read. I told him to not waste his time and run along because I wasn't interested, but insistent, he kept me on the sidewalk to ask me about God. I glanced at his pamphlet (to deduce what denomination or church he was affiliated with) and saw it was "The Watchtower" alas, he was not a Mormon. I have a few bones to pick with the Mormons, but I haven't yet bumped into one on the street. Anyway, He questioned my knowledge about God, and I didn't feel like fighting, so I told him, "Yes, I know God, I see Him everyday!" I felt like joking with him to discourage his line of questioning like, "God? I know Him, He knows me from the 'hood. We go way back, we used to jump cars together, man. He's my homeboy, I used to buy my weed from Him!" but I restrained myself altogether as it would be inappropriate(and also, the kid would probably not get the joke and therefore not laugh). When he asked me if I knew God's name, I quickly and enthusiastically answered, "Yes, His name is Krishna!" Yay, I actually know this one! The boy looked at me and says, "Krishna? No, actually His name is Jehovah," as He pointed to the name on the pamphlet and became ever so gentle, as if he were talking to a stupid four-year-old (I get it jerk, I may be a highschool dropout but I do know how to read!) At this point, I realised two things-- 1. He doesn't get my jokes and 2. He knows I'm a Hare Krishna but still he's trying to convince me of his "higher" knowledge, which, are based on his own sectarian views and therefore I quickly changed into an angry maniac. I asked Him, "Jehovah? Why only Jehovah? Why not Krishna? Why not Ram? Why not Allah or Buddha? Do you think God is limited to one Name? He has many names not just Jehovah! First you learn this then you can come talk to me! Until then, don't waste my time." The boy just stood there as I turned my back to him and marched away in a huff to my Godbrother's house. Govind was still there and snickering about how I "blasted" him, but to tell you the truth I didn't enjoy it. He just angered me the very second He uttered, "Krishna? No..." so I was naturally compelled to defend the variegated Names of the Lord. Ekadashi vrata ki jay!
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