Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Flame

I waited and waited around the empty halls today in anticipation of seeing you again.
I couldn't think of anyone else, and though I waited upon you, I used false pretenses to do so.
I told my friend I wanted to wait for him so that we could walk and talk before parting one last time.
He was so touched my kind words and consideration, but secretly I knew I was a coward and hypocrite.

The entire time we chatted and laughed and scurried through the hall I could only think of you.
Of kissing you, and holding your hands, and embracing you tightly such that I could sense your beating heart!
Why, I only ever think of you these days. You're my new obsession...
I startle awake at night while embracing my other lovers and panic when I nearly utter your name.

I have many admirers, you see, as you may have already gathered.
I can not help it, you understand; it is not my intention to attract their minds to me.
I simply have something bewitching about me, enchanting, and captivating about me 
That attracts them so like moths to a flame. 
I am their very death and destruction, but they are too blinded to see it.

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