Sunday, August 3, 2014

Adventures and Servitude

Last week we left for Colorado for a friend's birthday and spent five days there. We got to hike around Mount Evans, but a storm prevented us from going to the top. Strangely, several days before, I had a dream about a pink thunderstorm on a mountaintop that angrily fired lightning bolts at our feet. I'm glad we didn't take that risk, and stayed closer to the cabins and camping grounds. I collected some pine resin from there, and this morning I burned some on a cow dung coal. 
Today I managed to wake up early, worship my deities, and serve Tulasi Devi in her greenhouse-shrine.
Krishna Chandra accompanied me this morning, watered and misted Tulasi Devi, and then picked mañjaris with me. We didn't have to pick too many mañjaris because there were plenty in the pujari room fridge. After completing our seva, Krishna Chandra grabbed some puris, and waited patiently while I cleaned the arati paraphernalia. I brought some fresh Tulasi leaves and mañjaris home for my personal deity worship, and it feels almost foreign because I haven't worshipped my Lords in an entire week. Thankfully, Purandar Acharya prabhu was here to cook and care for them while we were gone. 
Today a friend of the family is having a housewarming party. They recently purchased a nice house in the neighborhood, and we want to drop by for Kirtan. I really like their new house, it is huge-- three enormous bedrooms, three bathrooms, an indoor and outdoor jacuzzi, swimming pool, and nice yard. I can't believe they got it at such a great price too; they're really lucky. 
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