Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dream Vignettes

A couple of days ago I had a weird dream that I purchased a house with no roof, floors, walls, or foundation. The entire thing was just the bare frame with no plumbing or wiring, and I kept pushing the contractors to work quickly demolishing the pieces of dilapidated wall still attached to the skeletal frame. I kept repeating, "She has good bones, we can build on her, never mind the foundation." and a contractor quipped, "What foundation! Just tear it down and start from scratch." I looked around to survey the house, and decided it would look amazing once completed. The entire house was in shambles; it appeared to be abandoned long ago and left to rot away. I paced across wood planks to explore the huge property more carefully. Entire rooms were floor-less, and you could see the earth and critters beneath. I insisted that we could dig down and build a basement. I desperately wanted a basement with a pool table, ping-pong table, large screen television and entertainment set. It would be mine. As I stood around fantasizing about my future home, the contractors made a case for demolishing the entire thing. "No, this home has history, look at the high ceilings, long hallways, and large rooms! She stays, we can make it work." No one else seem persuaded by my vision. The house was enormous with large dining halls, gorgeously open windows, and  beautiful rear garden; she only needed loving attention to bring her to her full glory.

Today I had another weird dream that I was jet-setting off to exotic locales. On one of my trips, a young Canadian man became infatuated with me, but I turned him down. He was not deterred, however, and my long silences made him more determined to get my attention. Eventually the young man started stalking me, and he gained valuable information about a secret double life I led. If I had simply pacified him with a friendly email, he might have left me alone. Now he was an utter nuisance. He split his time between gathering incriminating photos and blackmailing me. At some point, he longer wanted a romantic relationship, but got some twisted pleasure out of making me miserable. I decided the best way to protect myself was to dispose of him, so I went on a long trip to Canada to kill him once and for all. On my way there, I met a strange woman claiming to be psychic, but I dismissed her as a mere charlatan. She was Native American and said she could not only predict the future, but look into a person's past as well. As she scryed my eyes, she revealed that I was a princess from a local Native American tribe in a past life. I laughed wholeheartedly and wondered if she expected a generous tip for the information. She added that the man I was about to kill was a lover in my past life, and that if I went through with my plans, we would both have to be reborn to burn off any residual karma.

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