Tuesday, August 6, 2013

At County Jail

I had a couple of weird dreams over the weekend. I'll share one of them with you and note why it's so weird.
In the first dream, I'm travelling on the road with Chandaneswar. This fact alone is extremely notable because we typically travel in a group: Chandaneswar, Purandar/Lokojit, Krishna Chandra, and myself. Weary and exhausted, we find a nice bed and breakfast that an acquaintance recommended to stay in. Also weird because we normally stay in budget hotels, with friends, or at the temple. Temple is ideal because it's with friends and cheap. While there, we find out that the B&B is being run by an old friend; we were delighted that all our food would be vegan. This is the only part of the dream that makes any sense because my friend is a great hostess and manages a restaurant. As I'm contemplating how wonderfully everything was being arranged, I get a phone call from the police department. They inform me that my dad had been arrested for drunk driving, and ask if I would like to bail him out. Note: my dad has been dead for four years now, this county doesn't allow phone calls for some weird reason, and calls your next-of-kin on your behalf. I rushed to the county jail to bail out my dad, also highly unusual behavior because I'm of the school of tough love, a euphemism for 'sit your ass in jail while you sober up'. At county lock-up, I see a lot of people in the office who all claim to know me from childhood. "How strange," I thought, "these people should either be dead, moved far away, or locked up themselves." My dad is released and I take notice of his appearance, he looks very young, thin, and happy. It was his first criminal offense.

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