Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Helicopter Crash

Last night I had the strangest dream. It's so hilarious that I decided to share it here even though I don't normally share dreams and things of a more intimate nature.
I was on a team of scientists doing research in a remote mountainous region. We had a base camp set up on the side of a mountain facing the ocean, it was ideal because it was the most accessible point and we could scout other locations from there using our nifty helicopter. A group of us set off for a smaller island off the coast about fifteen to twenty minutes east from our camp. Once we got there it was easy to see why we needed a helicopter to get there, the trek on foot would have easily taken several hours, though it was not very far, through steep moutain terrain and ridges with sheer drops into solid bedrock. As we neared the small island, we were shaken violently, strong winds were taking control of our helicopter and our pilot had no choice but to try to land or crash into the side of the mountain. We made a choppy landing onto the tiny island but our helicopter, still unstable, began to tip and sway. We jumped out and made a swim safely away from the island as we watched our helicopter blades hit the water and the rest slowly sank into the water. No one was injured, we all managed to escape the failing helicopter in time but were really shaken. Rather than panic, we took shelter of natural caves and waited for our team to come to our aid. We collected firewood and tinder for fires and settled in as night was upon us. While we waited, a small group sat stunned and traumatized on the hard bedrock and natural ridge formations near the shore and started to smoke gañja.
I pondered within myself, mockingly, if that was the real reason our helicopter crashed. I smiled and chuckled aloud a bit. My partner looked at me bemused and asked, "What's so funny?"  I suddenly wake up and blurt out, "The pilot must have been stoned." 
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