Thursday, September 27, 2012

Color Me

Well, last night I started doodling on the back of my hand with mehendi and I have photos to prove it. It's not as fancy because I wasn't sure if this cone was still any good but I did my best.

I've been thinking a lot about color, complexions and so on these past few days so I looked up color seasons and how to find your season online. All you need to know is your natural hair color, eye color and skin tone. After you've analyzed your features, you'll know what season and type you fit into and can get an idea of what colors suit your coloring best. This is especially handy if you're not fashion savvy like some people out there and need a little more guidance on what colors to wear. I know I do.

Today I dyed my hair blue-black after feeling nostalgic and realizing that, though I've stopped applying mehendi to my hair, it still has a reddish, copper-glow and highlights on the ends. Don't worry, my natural color is raven black with blue so I just want to go back to my basics. I want to create a bolder version of myself with vivid, bold and daring hues to match my 'dark' coloring. I hope this darker me helps reflect that aspect of my personality as well. I have to say, I'm kind of digging this Victorian glam/opium-den-madam look. It works. It totally works.
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