Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break in Bed

This entire week, Krishna Chandra, Chandaneswar and I were totally sick. It started as a fever in Krishna Chandra early Monday morning, we went on with the day as planned since Krishna Chandra was reluctant to stay home on his first day of spring vacation. As the day pressed on, Krishna Chandra complained about body aches and took naps, which he never does. I knew he must have been really sick otherwise he wouldn't do either of those things, so I gave him mustard oil massages and let him sit in the sunlight to give him some relief. On Wednesday morning I woke up feeling terrible, headache, body ache, feverish, sore throat, sneezing, the works! I lost my appetite and didn't eat a damn thing for a couple days even though we somehow managed to cook and offer. Yesterday we were able to peel ourselves off the bed and drive to the doctor's office without incident. I wish doctors still made house calls. How ridiculous is it that we have to drive way the hell out of town to visit a decent doctor, wait in a lobby hacking and wheezing, and undergo all kinds of nonsense just to get a prescription filled at the pharmacy? Why can't the doctor just come see the patient, diagnose him, medicate him and then make himself scarce? At any rate, I've got some relief from all the coughing, stuffiness and body aches from the past few days, though I'm still really damn sick, it's better than being confined to my bedroom and suffering the pangs of utter torture. Chandaneswar is still resting up, as he should, he's been pushing himself to work everyday, except for on the second day he was ill, which was the worst. On top of everything else, Friday night, when the feverishness finally let up a bit and I started to feel lucid, I felt a strange sensation on my lip. I fearfully took a gander in the mirror and confirmed my worst fears; it was the budding of a fever blister. Wonderful! Now, not only would I feel like a monster but I could look like one as well. Poor Krishna Chandra, I've prohibited any kisses from me or any kisses from him that make contact with my mouth for the past two days, though, it feels like two years to me.
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