Monday, February 27, 2012


Isn't it incredibly disappointing when women live up to stupid stereotypes? For example, that women lack critical thinking skills, simple logical reasoning and plain old common sense; I have noticed this played up in popular movies, television and pretty much everything else. Women are portrayed as blithering idiots with no decision-making skills whatsoever and I wonder why can't they show an intelligent and decisive woman. There are plenty of female role-models in real life, is it so hard to provide heroines whose most notable features aren't her breasts? Or whose accessories don't include stilettos, red lip-stick or a gun strapped between her thighs? I console myself with the simple idea that women aren't like that in real life, that women aren't just comic relief or sex appeal until... one day you're having a conversation about whatever and a woman asks a ridiculously stupid question or asks you to explain something further when in reality it is simple common sense. COMMON SENSE! And, the both of you look like blithering idiots in front of everyone. Sometimes I feel sorry for them and sometimes they enrage me so much, no wonder it's easy for Bollywood and Hollywood to cast women in sexist roles... just look at what we are allowing ourselves! We're giving too many allowances and providing plenty of kindle for the bonfire.

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