Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Craft Habit

Today I'm working on a new pair of socks, this pair will be knitted on double-point needles, unlike my previous ones. This autumn I was busy crocheting away and made several pairs of socks. I made myself two pairs, one for a friend and another pair for my husband. The pair I'm working on now will be for our local temple's Srila Prabhupada; this is the first knitted project I'll work and though I know it's risky, I'm going to try and work these size 3 dpns like a pro. Wish me luck, I know I'll need it! I wish I had photos of the crocheted socks I made but I already gave my friend his pair and wore my pairs ( I don't feel comfortable photographing my socks for you, even though they're clean, as it might degrade your spiritual standing : P)
I was at Wal-Mart looking for knitting needles today when my husband remembered that we needed a new picture frame for our spiritual master's photo; I agreed to look around with him but as I followed behind him, we passed the fabric section and just like a sultry seductress or crippling addiction, it lured me in. I was a goner before my husband even realised I was missing. Several minutes later, he came wandering back my way and found me roaming around looking at plaid flannel and fantasizing about all the flannel shirts I could make for myself and dress up like Al from Home Improvement... I would look totally hot in a flannel shirt and jeans.  ::sigh::
Today was weird, it seems to me that there was a lot of friction between friends, a lot of disagreement and discord in the air, it might have been Punarvasu nakshatra along with the Sun in Vrschika.. who knows?
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