Monday, July 25, 2011

Sri Bhaktivinoda-The Supremely Nectarean Kamala-mañjari

Well, sorry I haven't written in a few days, not that it matters because there is nothing of significance to note. The Elise shawl is coming along, the multiple-personality scarf as well, she's a good 36" long now; I have not been working as much as I would like but whatever crocheting time I get is quality time spent with this piece. I'm excited- another ten inches or so and she'll be complete. The Elise shawl is something that will probably take many months, maybe over a year, if I work it a few rows a day. Due to the expanding design of the pattern, each row will take more time to crochet than the previous one, so it is hard (for me) to calculate how much time I need to complete this piece. I am thinking about selling my crochet work, though I'm not a professional crocheter or anything, I think someone will appreciate my work and like to buy. If you know anyone, send them to my blog so they can browse my pictures.
On other news, I have been re-reading Nectar of Devotion along with the original Bengali version and other stuff I have found online and in my Gurudev's library. I found a book about George Harrison in there along with Ayurveda and natural cures books so I'm working my way through these along with Jaiva Dharma (the one that challenges me every moment) and Sri Bhaktivinod Vani Vaibhav. I need to finish this one soon because I'd borrowed it from a friend and I'm sure he wants it back. :) I have this habit of perusing books over and over, dissecting each chapter into paragraphs and even smaller paragraph portions until I completely "get it". Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur's writings are really deep and therefore, hard for an ass like me to fully absorb. But, I'm stubborn and determined to understand. Krishna and the Vaishnavas bless me. 
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