Saturday, May 21, 2011

Out With the Old

Today Chandaneswar prabhu and I went to the old place to give it one final go. We had some paintings and random odds and ends sitting in the living room to pick up plus we wanted the place squeaky clean for the next tenant. We went out of our way mopping and scrubbing the floors, appliances and bathroom.. the place was a filthy mess when we moved into it! Anyway, I'm glad we did it and got that part out of the way. Now I just have to pick up Krishna Chandra's jogging stroller tomorrow morning and we're out-- finally. Not that I enjoy scrubbing a filthy house for someone else but it did some good, I got some kind of physical exercise and worked up a sweat moving the stove, refrigerator and dryer (it was super gross under there)
When we got home, I took a good long shower and washed my hair out. My scalp was really itchy and full of yucky dandruff flakes. I know... too much info; but let me warn you about sweating when you have a serious case of dandruff. It's a shame really, I have such gorgeous long hair only to be plagued with flakes! :(
I made sure to use plenty of baking soda to exfoliate my scalp and skin especially after using an entire bottle of 409 and something called "Greased Lightning" to clean that filthy house. The fumes were horrible but I had no choice. It would have taken an eternity to do it otherwise. On the bright side, this new place is a breeze to clean, there are no maintenance problems and the kitchen and bathrooms are well ventilated. I won't be touching any harsh solvents anymore, promise. Besides, there is nothing my baking soda can't tackle. I use that stuff for everything, teeth, hair, skin, bathrooms, dishes, laundry... refrigerator! Really... it works.
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