Saturday, October 24, 2009


I'm running and running away throughout Time, thinking and speaking about things that are "mine". I can perceive that no course of action is right, everything given time leads to plight. I want to turn back and see that someone or something who is giving me chase but I'm too afraid to behold it's monstrous face. Pray tell, how much longer, Lord, 'til I reach your embrace? Is it someone or something, a person or thing, tell me what is it I so frantically flee? I only get a few seconds of rest, during that time I can realise your test. Thinking proudly that I'm the one in control, I act in rebellion, straight into Maya I stroll. Give me a moment away from anxiety, a short pause to debrief and contemplate the reality. Digress I shall and You've given me time, to sit calmly and coolly, to reflect on my crime. Am I still being juvenile for trying to express my distraught mind, my distress that this rhyme so attests? I've reached the conclusion that I must surrender, in any condition my faith I must tender. I hope these words will reveal my heart to it's depths and melting Your own, my Lord will kindly accept.
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