Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today I got to the mall and checked out a couple of shops for new glasses. The experience was disappointing, to say the least. I didn't find anything in my price range or that I really liked, and the ones I did like turned out to be reading glasses. What a drag... At least Krishna Chandra was able to have some fun. As it turns out, there is a nice little playground inside the mall which is open to children who are 42" tall and less, but a lot of of older kids managed to get in(there's no enforcement). There was one girl that was a little annoying.. she kept climbing on the fake bridge and jumping off the side. I wonder if she is suicidal or will be in the future..? Anyway, she almost landed on a one-year-old baby and that nearly gave me a heart attack. I saw this totally stupid commercial just now for Dunkin' Donuts. There are three zombied-out kids being sucked into their television set by its' super powered teleportation rays. Just as the children are almost sucked into the set, the father comes home with a box of Dunkin' Donuts and the kids are magically released by the television's maya rays and go running to the dining area. Is Dunkin' Donuts telling America that donuts are better than television? Or that donuts are the couch potato anti-dote? In the late afternoon, Krishna Chandra fell asleep on the sofabed upstairs and I took advantage of his nap to take time for myself. I was long overdue for a haircut and decided to go to the salon down the street. (The trim turned out fine though I still think it feels too short.) The lady kept commenting to her friend about how long my hair was and I started to snicker a little. "Largo, largo, largo!" I went to the counter to pay for my visit only to very quickly realise how retarded I was. I asked her if she accepted debit/credit cards, and she quickly said, "No, cash only" I checked my wallet as I looked around to see an ATM, but alas, there was none. What kind of establishment doesn't accept plastic? I was totally pissed off. I called up my hubby to hit him up for some cash, as I had only three bucks on hand, but he was like, "You know I don't carry cash!" I was in a wee bit of a pickle but we managed to hatch a last-minute plan. I would stay at the salon (as a hostage) while Maria went home to look after Krishna Chandra, meanwhile, my dearest prabhu would pick up some cash and swing by the salon on the way back to release me from my captors. I sat patiently in the salon, flipping through a magazine as my husband "rushed to my rescue". He joked on the whole way home about how I was being held hostage. He used words like "danger" and "hostage situation", which would paint an image of a mad hairdresser holding scissors to a lock of my hair and shouting, "Gimme the money, mister, or the lady gets it!" LOL. I liked the intensity of his words though, he exaggerates a lot which would make him a great story-teller if he could ever get over his shyness. Another dramatic day....
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