Friday, March 10, 2017


Yesterday I didn't get a chance to speak to you regarding our last interaction. I was uneasy about the way we left things and you were upset. I was too angry to discuss it further so I decided to leave it for another time when cooler heads prevailed. I really wanted to scream. I left in a hurry and listened to loud music in the car as I raced away from you. I felt that you had no respect for me whatsoever. Otherwise, how could you utter such nonsense? Had you cared for my feelings at all, you would have corrected it by now. What else can I say? I'm not sure you'll even understand. I don't think you have the emotional or intellectual capacity to understand sometimes. I believe you're nothing more but a well-groomed slob. The simple fact is that I couldn't even explain properly why I was upset, and you were incapable of seeing why it was an important issue. What else? It seems you cling to ridiculous ideas and standards. It won't be easy but I'll see this through as a favor to anyone else who has contact with you-- change god damn it! Cut the bullshit and grow up. It may be easier still to give up and walk away but I'm stubborn and you've always known that about me. If you didn't already, I made sure to remind you every chance I got. You're fucking stuck with me. I'm not walking away until one of us is dead in the ground. I'm your worst nightmare. I'm your worst nightmare because I have nothing to lose. I have nothing left.

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