Sunday, November 27, 2016

Party Night

So last night there was gunfire in my neighborhood and my neighbors continued to party un-phased, mind you, hollering and singing and arguing in their back yard loud enough that I didn't get much sleep at all. I still managed to conjure up a weird dream, which I almost forgot about. I have to tell you because it's out of character (but isn't that what dreams are made of?).
So it started with a friend of mine asking me to attend a party with him. He said it was going to be "more your style" which I interpreted as being low-key, not too many people. He said it was going to be at his buddy's bungalow somewhere around Preston Hills. He swore it was going to be a cool dinner party, people I would get along with and I could even bring Krishna Chandra because there would probably be other kids his age.
We set off, even though its Sunday evening and we both have school in the morning. When we arrive, it's a full out frat party with drunk idiots driving up on this guy's lawn and leaving donuts everywhere. I'm like, "Fuck this shit, dude, take me back home." He assures me this must be a mistake, there's no way his friend would opt for this crap. So he looks for his buddy and tries to find out what happened. Apparently, homeboy had to go out of town for a family emergency and someone else decided to crash at his place along with a hundred other morons. I ended up staying because by the time I found my friend again (place was huge), he was so drunk, he couldn't possibly drive me. I didn't call anyone else to pick me up; I don't know if I was embarrassed by these people, ashamed that I would be associated with such lawlessness or whatnot, or if I honestly didn't want my friends to come to get me and end up partying with everyone else.
Krishna Chandra and I decided we could fend for ourselves for the evening, plus they had an awesome garden and our friend said we could spend the night in one of the outlying cottages. Krishna Chandra loved the cozy place, he curled up with a book and fell asleep on the couch. In the morning, I woke up realizing that I had to drop him off at school. I looked for my friend and borrowed his car. I don't remember if I got a shower in the morning, but I know Krishna Chandra magically manifested a school uniform and I got him to school just in time, maybe even a little early.
On the way back, I stopped at TJ Maxx, of all places, to shop for clothes and scarves. There was a sale and naturally I felt obligated to purchase a scarf in every available color. Mind you, I have a class at Eastfield but I'm too preoccupied with scarves at the moment. What's interesting is that I'm telling myself, "You could have got an Uber home last night but here you are procrastinating the morning away at TJ Maxx." Also I'm certain they don't open that early; it's around 8am and there's no traffic on 75. Another discrepancy. Oh, there's a creep following me around the store so I decide to walk out of the store (instead of notifying the manager or security) and walk to my friend's car, a bright red mustang. I actually like muscle cars but in my dream I felt a sense of self-loathing in his vehicle, "I wouldn't be caught dead in this car. WTF." It's funny because I'm pretty sure my friend drives a pick-up truck now, not a muscle car. The creepy guy follows me out but loses me in the parking lot so I wait for him to leave and duck back into the store to realize I forgot my purse inside and the lady was hoping I'd come back. I decide on a scarf, just one, and head out.
I go back to my friend's buddy's place to find my hungover friend giving me some lecture about how it's important not to waste my energy on unproductive things and that I should get to Eastfield ASAP, or else. He actually said, "Or else." He insisted that I take his car and I rolled my damn eyes at him and said, "Yes, sir." I knew I had a while to get there if I took 635 so chilled back at my crib/cottage and wandered around for a bit and found someone I knew. I noticed there was a japa mala and what looked like Hare Krishna evidence, Radha Krishna photos, bells, incense, and dried flowers. I asked someone if a Krishna devotee lived on the premises and they said, "Yeah, Madhuri! She and her boyfriend stay here during the week. Do you know Madhuri?" I was like, "What? When, why, how? Madhuri has a masters degree and shit, why would she be working here?" They told me they got paid well, plus benefits, plus a 'gnarly' place to crash. I knew I was defeated so I just walked away. Moments later, I bumped into Madhuri coming in for work. She told me, "I basically hang out all damn day and only work when they call me for help. I'm a nanny for this grown ass idiot-man." I met Madhuri's boyfriend and he seemed nice. I realized that I was going to be late if I didn't leave soon so I excused myself and that's when I woke up. 
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