Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Marshmallow Dilemma

So I stayed up late studying and I can't fall asleep right away so I'm going to write something significant and profound for my own self-aggrandizement. You're welcome.

Okay, one serious piece of advice for you regardless of your age or lifestyle: try to take care of yourself. Maybe it means putting on sunscreen when you go out or maybe it means investing into your financial future or maybe it means not compromising your values when it matters most to you but seriously, thank yourself by putting in a little time and energy toward tomorrow.

When I was young, I used to stay out all hours of the day and night and never wore shoes or socks or sunscreen and it never bothered me. In fact, I can venture to say that I probably didn't even brush my hair until I was an adult. Hey, I never owned a hairbrush of my own, I had naturally silky straight hair and didn't care much about bodily maintenance. Anyway, I own a hair brush now (two, actually) and my hair has split ends so I have to brush, condition, and take my vitamins for it to be smooth and lustrous. I also wear appropriate socks and shoes and apply sunscreen and moisturizer. The point is, things change. I was never really into grooming, hygiene and personal care but now I know that things have changed and maybe in ten or fifteen years, when I'm looking in the mirror one day, I'll hate myself for not taking better care of my body and health. It doesn't mean you have to be vain and worry about every little wrinkle or cellulite you spot. It means, "Wear some fucking sunscreen and condition your locks." Appreciate your Self by caring for yourself. My routine and self-care may differ from yours. Maybe you're too uptight and need to loosen up. Maybe you need to go out to the beach and not compulsively reapply sunscreen a million goddamned times. I don't know, I may not know you that well.
Think about it and make a short list of things you could do to show your Self some appreciation and love.

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