Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Purging Fear

Many things happened since my last blog post.
Two weeks ago, a drunk driver rear ended our minivan. He crashed into a pole and ended up in my neighbors yard. Thankfully, nobody was hurt by the drunk driver but Krishna Chandra was bit by our neighbor's dog Champ.
He is still slightly traumatized and I'm anxious of large white vans and dogs, but I learned a few things:

1. Young children are incredibly resilient to trauma, both mentally and physically.
2. You will never quite know the nature of someone's character until they're in danger.
3. Even the slightest threat of danger is enough to trigger a person's trauma.
4. Lord Gauranga and Lord Nityananda's Holy Names are more powerful than we can possibly conceive. It can protect you from all downfall. Nityananda! Gauranga!
5. Calmly chanting through pain is impressive to bystanders, even EMTs and firefighters.
Krishna Chandra and I both did this and, though our experiences were starkly different traumas, I swear the look we got from everyone was nothing short of awe.
6. Strangers and unfamiliar situations are met with abject hostility and suspicion until I am myself again. I can only characterize this mindset as instinctual protectiveness and mild paranoia.

Until I am myself again, I pray at the feet of the Lord:

ashok abhoy amritadhar, tomar charandwoy
tahate ekhon bishram lobhiya, charinu bhaver bhoy

The nectar from Your lotus feet is ambrosia that grants freedom from fear and anxiety.
Now I've found solace at Your feet, I've cast out all fears.

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