Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Quiet Supper

This morning I went to piano class, and Chandra picked me up after class to go shopping. We stopped by a couple markets to pick up fresh produce, and ingredients for the afternoon. We planned a nice dinner in with friends; though I have to say it was a really early dinner. Chandra and I prepared chickpea curry with potato paratha, and served it with Greek yogurt on the side. Dinner was delicious, and we spent several hours chatting away. Chandra loves to play host, even though he did lose sleep, he was delighted to have guests after such a long time. After dinner and conversation, everyone left. Krishna Chandra and I worked on some homework assignments. I dusted off my old laptop, and deleted old emails. I opened an account that I haven't used in ages, and cleared out the junk. Also, I completed almost two assignments already, and I think I will have more time to practice violin and piano tomorrow. I only practiced about fifteen minutes today, but I have to say it was a very productive few minutes. I have stopped peaking at the keyboard to play simple melodies.
Homework is enjoyable. I am thinking about studying with my sister since we're taking the same course. Plus I might need to borrow her textbook...
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