Saturday, August 31, 2013


Today I felt inspired by a martial arts gi and started a pair of straight-leg yoga pants. I used to wear a lot of low-rise, straight/flared pants, and I remember they looked pretty flattering. I'm experimenting with comfortable patterns for blouses and pants that are casual yet active.
I've been having really weird dreams lately, and typically I'm really good at recording them immediately or blogging them. This past week, however, I've been having textbook issues that kept me running around on top of classes, festivals, service, and the family. There's one dream in particular that I wanted to share because it was so strange and played like an opium-induced hallucination. It started at my son's school during morning drop off.
For some reason, the iron gates surrounding the campus were gone, so it was completely vulnerable to intruders. While heading out the front door, I noticed a suspicious man circling around in his car. Intuitively, I shut and locked the doors while escorting the children into a back room. I informed the principal that there was a strange man outside and she locked the side door. Meanwhile, some high school students arrived to tour the campus. Many of them were still outside in the park and were trying to make their way back to the bus. I headed outside toward the temple, but the entire park was overgrown with thick brush, bushes, and tall grass. It was hard enough to push through, let alone sprint across to the temple. Suddenly, I heard the loud crunch of leaves nearby; startled, I looked around to see it was a high school student frantically looking around and  trying to find her way back. I reached out to her, gestured her to remain quiet, and held her hand as we made our way out of the brush. I looked around and noticed that many homes around the neighborhood were dilapidated or abandoned, and were now inhabited by vagrants and vagabonds. We tried our best to make our way to safety but were 'spotted' by a blind serial rapist and murderer. He was old and clutched a disgusting rusted, bloody knife. He reached out toward us trying to grab us, but we stood still until he came in closer. The young girl and I made eye contact, nodded in understanding, and accosted the man. He was stronger than he appeared, every muscle in his tall, slender body was conditioned from years of assaulting women and murdering them in the most horrific ways imaginable. Soon more depraved, demoniac companions of his charged and chased after us. We quickly regrouped ourselves and began hacking, slashing, and fighting our way through the lot until there remained only limbs and blood in our wake. I was jolted wake by my alarm at six a.m. just at the height of our excitement. 
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