Thursday, March 31, 2011

In the Morning...

I woke up to the most melodious and stirring singing... I couldn't help but jump out of bed and rush to hear this angelic voice in person. I rushed into the shower without hestitation, knowing full well that Maharaj had hot running water in the bathrooms. I was overjoyed, we had a fantastic room with Internet, DVDs for Krishna Chandra and indoor plumbing. It was like being back home in Dallas almost, except we were in the Holy Abode of Lord Jagannath. Chandaneswar prabhu offered to stay back in the room with Krishna Chandra while he slept and give me a chance to take darshan etc. As I approached the temple room I heard the sweetest voice of Krishna das prabhu becoming louder and louder. When I arrived, the prayers to Tulasi were being sung in a sweet melodious kirtan while Krishna das prabhu and his son, Tulasi das prabhu circumambulated Tulasi devi. The temple room was permeated with an intoxicating mood of sweetness and loving devotion. I have never been in such a place where the ambience was so saturated with prema. Literally, I could feel the atmosphere pressing against me, it was so rich was bhakti that you couldn't help but feel bliss. I didn't want to leave but knew it was only a matter of time before Krishna Chandra woke up. "Enjoy it while you still can, soak it up, girl." I was convinced that this moment was the best moment of my life.
At darshan time, Krishna das Prabhu opened the giant curtains to reveal the most dashing and gorgeous forms of Sri Sri Pancha-tattva., I was astounded at how beautifully detailed Their features were, Their lips, eyes, noses, hands, chest, everything. Standing before Their Lordships, I felt I had finally won Their audience in person and They glanced upon us with Their full mercy.
Eventually, Chandaneswar prabhu came down looking for me, surely he must've known I wouldn't have left on my own accord. I headed back to chant in the room and wait for my sona baba to wake up so I could get him bathed, dressed and fed. Around that time, Premananda prabhu arrived at the ashram and we happily greeted each other. We all took prasadam together and headed towards Tota Gopinath to start our darshan with Maharaj as our spiritual tour guide.
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