Saturday, July 25, 2009

Braids, Braids, Braids

Lately, my hair has been really bothering me. It's much too heavy to keep in a bun all day, too long to keep loose and much too short to to use as a whip like an awesome Shaolin master.
Jet Li's sikha braid has unlimited martial capabilities, I'm sure you all know.

I wanted to put my hair into a crown braid, it's lightweight, doesn't tangle with my Tulasi necklace and most importantly, it stays the hell out of my way. I like crown braids, I used to wear them a lot but now my hair is super long and annoying! Frida is the best example of a beautifully braided crown.

How in the hell did she manage it everyday?

The time and tedium involved with braiding one's hair into a nice, neat dutch crown braid is obnoxious. It made me think about the body and how tedious it is to manage. You don't really think about it but once you do the facts are overwhelming. You take a lot of time into caring for the body-- eating, sleeping, brushing, bathing, clothing, etc. It made me realise that I'm the the type of person that puts very little effort into caring for her body and outward appearance. I always want to look nice, I think about it but I'm altogether I'm too apathetic to the idea and totally lazy to devote myself to bodily maintenance. If I could have one thing for the rest of my life I would choose to have a personal assistant or servant; someone who would help pick out my outfits, do my hair and remind me other "frivilous" crap. I'm also indecisive and forgetful so I would probably get someone to plan the weekly menu for me, chores, errands... and probably my entire week altogether. Haha... too bad I'm not swimming in cash or some kind of an Indian princess.


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