Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Five things I can't stand

1. Devotees that think "organic" produce is a conspiracy.
I've encountered this argument from many devotees and non-devotees alike. Usually the argument goes something like this: "Organic produce is just a trick from the produce companies in order to get you to pay more money for the same thing." Honestly, I can say that it is not the same thing. Organic and conventional produce have a huge gap in taste, freshness, and aroma. Even an idiot could tell there is an enormous difference in quality. If your palate is not sharp enough to distinguish between an organic and conventional apple, you have been eating too much Taco Bell! Maybe if you stop shoveling down greasy fries down your throat you would be able to appreciate a "higher" taste. I prefer quality over quantity, that is why I purchase organic whenever possible.

2. Vegetarians that look down their nose on vegans.
This really ticks me off, it's like this, "Oh they are so fanatical and think they are better than everyone because they don't take milk and honey. Really, they are just a bunch of up-tight a$#&(^@#." You know what, is it possible that not everyone will agree on everything? This is the problem with secular moralism- everyone has his own standard. And, if his own morals/ethics don't fit into a particular ethical mould, guess what? He will just make up his own. Let everyone have their own standard, at least they are not exploiting the poor cows. I am for protecting the cows.

3. Vegans that look down their nose on vegetarians.
Usually vegans are in-your-face about being vegan. We get it, you don't eat white sugar. Believe me, I friggin' understand your dilemma, but you know what? Not everyone is capable of understanding the unethical practices carried on behind the food industry veil. Again, everyone still has a different standard.

4. Meat-eaters that call themselves vegetarian.
Has this ever happened to you? You tell someone that you're vegetarian and they excitedly shout, "OMG me too!" and next thing you know you're talking about whether you're this veg or that veg and... he replies, "Oh, I don't eat meat, just chicken/fish/pork." WTH? Chicken doesn't grow on trees! Go stab yourself with a fork and see if you're done.

5. People that buy organic cosmetics but refuse organic produce.
This happened to me once, true story. Someone criticised/chastised me for buying organic cherries for Krishna and I was like "Oh, no way... it's so much tastier than regular cherries and there are no chemicals. I don't mind paying an extra dollar or two for the Deities." We go to the check out counter and guess what? Someone is buying herself organic eye serums and lotions that cost like 20USD for a tiny-ass bottle. Can anyone say hypocrite?
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