Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Today, Zion and I got into a conversation about Naruto after his math lesson and we discussed our favorite characters. I said I favored Hinata, naturally, because Sakura was too wrapped in Sasuke's bullshit for my liking. At any rate, he tells me that he admires Sakura's utter devotion to Sasuke through thick and thin even though she's a obnoxious at times. I leveled with Zion and said, "Well, she does stand by her man.." and it reminded me of a country song (you probably know it well) and I made him listen to it because he never heard of it. I said that if Sakura had a theme song it should be Stand By Your Man because she's the epitome of devotion to her man to the point that its pathetic. I, on the other hand, would have a theme song like These Boots Were Made For Walking. I played both for him because they're old songs that are pretty much unfamiliar to younger generations and he laughed at Nancy Sinatra's music video because of the funny outfits and dancing.
Today I finally broke down and calculated the planetary transits because I was feeling particularly drained and unmotivated lately and felt curious to see if I saw any overlap in certain areas. I typically don't pay too much heed to astrology because I feel like its a part-time job keeping up with the current transits, retrogression, exaltation, aspects, etc. Plus, any astrologer will recommend gemstone to counteract malefic planets, which can be bothersome if you're not into bulky jewelry. Instead, I make a practice of praying mantras and meditating on deities daily for astrological remedies but primarily for spiritual protection. As it turns out, my Saturn (saturn return/natal moon) and Jupiter (domestic/partners/relationships) are both debilitated, malefic or in Sade Sathi. My Sun(self) isn't horrible but with some drawbacks. The good thing is that Moon, Venus, and Mercury are well placed or exalted or both so I'm banking on the Venus, Mercury and Moon to carry me over for a while. That's it, I satiated some morbid curiosity regarding the transits and its over. The transits deficits did correlate with some issues I'm having so I decided to cling to my studies and music even more until this passes.

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