Thursday, December 15, 2016

Stir Crazy

So I won't pretend that I'm elated about this winter break. I was supposed to go to India but decided the money could go to better use: a decent violin bow for one & a halo sport. I really, really, really want them and I have very, very, very strong, convincing rational arguments in favor of both. They're my Christmas presents to myself. That's my argument.
The week was a blur. I got a pedicure finally and that was the most relaxing thing I did. I meant to take naps and get a massage but didn't get around to it. What's worse is that I don't know what I did besides study, practice and run errands. I can't remember right now, really.
I haven't practiced much but primarily because I wanted to give my left hand a couple days rest. It feels much better now and no cramping so far. I should be playing my instrument more but I get an hour in at most before I'm distracted by someone or something. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up a bow at Jay's with Ramon and Chandaneswar.
I took my Chemistry exam yesterday and I think I passed the class. I better have passed. I don't give a damn about the grade at this point because I feel like I stressed myself out about that course during the semester. I need to take it easy & learn to chill. I don't think I know how to chill. I've been going stir crazy if I have to spend more than two hours at home alone. I find things to do. The other day I carefully brushed and vacuumed my rug because I had a spare hour between practicing and lunch.
Bike ride! Yeah, I went on the trail... my butt is still sore. That's it.
Reading! I've been reading more devotional literature.
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