Monday, February 8, 2016

Glen Rose Day Trip

So, to add to our travel adventures, we're going on road trips on the weekends. We're doing it every weekend until it's time to leave for India. This weekend we went to Glen Rose, Texas. It was a quick, last-minute day trip to Dinosaur Valley Sate Park and Fossil Rim, but we had a lot of fun. Purandar has never been to Fossil Rim in his eleven years in Texas... can you believe it? We took a few pictures on the iPhone but none on my iPhone so I don't have any photos of the  wildlife to upload for you. I wish I did though. Also, the Paluxy was freezing, but it looked so nice that it was tempting to jump in anyway. We didn't though; we'd have died of hypothermia if we did. We hiked around the trails in the park until we were dead tired and finally headed home. Glen Rose is a nice destination if you have a free day or even a week (there are plenty of cabins and lodgings in town) if you'd like to do some exploring, just remember to bring your walking shoes and sunscreen. :)
If you have kids, take them to Fossil Rim for a safari adventure. My advise is that you buy a membership because it pays for itself even if you only go twice a year. The membership also gets you discounts at the Caldwell and Dallas zoos so its really worth it, in my humble opinion.
Here's a couple pics I snapped on the iPhone of Purandar trying to look cool. I told them to get walking shoes or hiking boots, but do they ever listen to me?

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