Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Moving Forward

More recently I've learned how to make and keep desirable friends. In the past, I was too guarded or too open with undesirable types. This combination worked to make them seek me out even more or they left very strong impressions or were a negative influence on me. I guess I never really understood what "bad association" was because typically my friends have always been kind, open-minded, good-hearted souls so I never had to keep my guard up; if I was open and transparent (or naive), I had nothing to fear because they didn't misguide me or give me ideas that were ill-advised.  Lately, I've sought out people who vibe well with me, who have no ulterior motives and wish me well. I'm more at ease with myself and others, and I know when to draw boundaries and push bad influences out of my life. I still make mistakes, but those decisions are all my own. If I'm on the wrong path, it's no one's fault but my own. I hope you understand, and know I love you unconditionally even if we can't be close, even if we can't be friends anymore. 

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