Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Elder

Last night I had a disturbing dream about lust, power, greed, and rivalry. In the dream, I was a young, powerful vampire vixen with plenty of handsome suitors at my beck and call. Naturally, many of them were bewitched by my beauty, and  others by my ability to control others. They all fought desperately for my attention, and tried to impress me in different ways. Yet, I was not satisfied by any of these young men, or their grand gestures. I lusted insatiably for only one thing-- power. I did not care what I had to do or to whom in order to secure my position as leader within the social hierarchy. I learned of a method to attain unheard-of powers by entering into a pact with the Great Grandfather, or The Elder, as he was known among the vampire race. He sired many thousands of vampire sons, and many enchanting women were betrothed to him in an attempt to attain mystic abilities. The ritual had to be conducted on a certain lunar day, and it required a sexual union which consummated our pact. Upon completion, the ritual would spontaneously produce a male child, and I would be instilled with immortal youth and supernatural abilities. The Elder was an incredibly charming, enchanting, and handsome young man, or he appeared so. Being the most sexually captivating man on Earth, he easily conquered young women throughout the centuries, and I was now among them. I was unaware, however, that I would not be making love to that same captivating man during the ritual. There was a specific condition to the ceremony: I had to perform the act while The Elder revealed his true form-- an aged, withering, ancient demon beneath the spells and illusions of dark magic. I was adamant, as The Elder transformed into a decrepit, corpse-like man with pale, empty eyes, and sunken features, I only had my goal in mind. I was so determined to attain immortal youth and supernatural powers beyond my imagination. I was the only woman who ever saw his true face and the ritual to completion. No woman ever had the determined greed for more power as I had, enough to override her disgust, repulsion, fear, or terror of The Elder's true form. 
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