Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Couldn't Get Worse

Just when I thought that my situation couldn't get any worse, I find out that my cousin passed away in an automobile accident just three days ago. Recently my mother informed me that she met with bad company and had gone down a bad path, she asked if maybe I could talk to her or something... anything. She seemed worried but I thought to myself, "The Lord works in mysterious ways, I'm sure He has a plan in mind." This was a couple months ago before I left for India, I left so suddenly I didn't have time to pack or say my goodbyes. Now I feel regret for not visiting even my mother or close friends... only Bhagavan knows when our ticket is up and its time to go towards our next destination. I only pray that Brandi is alright especially knowing that she was involved in a violent death and all that entails. Please pray for her and pray for me as well.
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