Monday, May 11, 2009

Favorite Pen Leaves His Body

Today, Krishna Chandra broke my favorite pen. It was green with Radha Krishna on it and had "Mayapur Navadvip Dham" written on its side in Bengali script. I really loved that pen and I've been using it to write in my journals; Mishra Bhagavan Prabhu brought it back for me from Mayapur when he last visited. I was really satisfied with that pen-gift that I vowed only to use it to write in my secret diary. Too bad he's all gone now, oh well, that pen rendered great service.:( At first I thought I could fix it but after realizing that I couldn't I was filled with murderous rage! LOL! I thought about murdering Krishna Chandra for this great pen-aparadha but then I thought to myself, "If I murder the boy who will help me hide the body?" Usually he is my assistant in all my activities, whether devotional service or devious exploits-- Krishna Chandra is always there by my side, cheering me on, assisting, and inspiring me with his super clever brain. If I ever hit someone with my car and had to hide the evidence or if I was blackmailed by someone with incriminating evidence and then forced to kill that person because I was afraid that "it will all come out" or if I was being stalked by some psychopath and notified the police but to no avail and I had to "take him out", then I think I would turn to Krishna Chandra to help me hide the evidence. He would definitely be first on my list, I know--he's just a two-year old, but still the boy is crafty. I don't even think I would tell my husband. No, I wouldn't tell prabhu... that way he wouldn't have to lie to the police if they ever came around asking questions. It's settled.
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